DX Packet Cluster GB7UJS

I am SysOp of  a server that provides real-time DX information to Ham Radio operators.

Users can connect to the  DX packetcluster via the internet (see below) or by using packet radio. The user access server is GB7MDX which is running the BPQ networking software. Users connect to GB7MDX via VHF and UHF radio links using AX25 data protocol.  Over longer distances where it isn't possible to connect direct to GB7MDX, users connect to a network packet node such as GB7VT in Stoke-on-Trent which then connects them to GB7MDX.

GB7MDX is operational on the following frequencies

During May 2007 after over 15 years of continuous service I decided to shut down GB7MDX and all of the Radio access frequencies to GB7UJS. In recent years practically all users access GB7UJS via Telnet.............it was no longer worth maintaining the radio links.

Access to GB7UJS is naturally maintained via the Internet.

Once connected to GB7UJS users can alert other about interesting DX stations they are hearing by sending what is called a 'DX spot' to GB7UJS. For example, if I was listening to a Ham Radio Operator on the Falkland Islands I could alert other DXers connected to the PacketCluster by sending out a DX Spot from my PC terminal which is connected to GB7UJS. The DX spot would come up on the terminal of every other user connected to GB7UJS something like this:

DX de G4UJS:  14260.0  VP8DBN  Dave

GB7UJS which is a Virtual Linux Server (running DXspider by G1TLH under VMware) is permanently connected to the internet and the worldwide packetcluster network. The spot is distributed in seconds to thousands of ham radio operators worldwide and informs them that Dave VP8DBN is now transmitting on 14.260 MHz SSB.

Users on GB7UJS can set filters to only receive spots they might be interested in. In addition to the spotting facility GB7UJS provides a messaging service and has a number of useful online databases available.

If you are a licensed radio amateur you can log onto GB7UJS, enter your callsign to login. If you are not (yet) licensed and want to see the sort of information and activity on the PacketCluster network try this link to Finland and the DX Summit page where you can see the DX spots appearing from all over the world.

Distribution of the last 250 spots

Connection to GB7UJS is via TELNET to gb7ujs.ham-radio-op.net (port 7373). Although many log-book programs have tools for connecting also.

The static IP address of GB7UJS is here for the full on-line manual for GB7UJS.

If you are a regular user of GB7UJS and find the facility useful please consider making a donation towards running costs.

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