If you require a confirmation of a contact with me then checkout www.eqsl.cc the modern way to send and receive QSL cards. I have logs with over 75,000 contacts held on the eQSL servers and cards are available for immediate download at anytime. I now QSL 100 percent. The eQSL database currently has nearly 660 million Cards from 330 DXCC countries (as of April 2013). Use the search facility at the bottom of this page to see if there are any cards waiting for you.

The following logs of mine are available:-








* (all QSO's since October 1992)

To collect a card you will have to register with them by visiting the eQSL website but don't worry its free!!! Once you have registered your callsign with them not only can you send and receive eQSL cards but they will automatically keep statistics for you including your progress in the eQSL DXCC program.

Here is an example of what a card looks like.

Example eQSL Card from G4UJS

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!