Ham Radio Logbook Software

For general station operation and DX'ing I use the excellent free Windows software "Logger32" written by Bob Furzer K4CY (9K2ZZ). You can visit the download site by clicking here. This software is excellent and I highly recommend it.It fully supports the ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange File) format and so data stored in Logger32 can be easily transferred to and from other Ham Radio Software Systems. See a screen shot click here.

For Radio Contesting (a real passion of mine), I use the excellent new Windows software "N1MM Logger" written by Tom Wagner N1MM. You can read more about this program by clicking here. To view a screen shot of how I had configured "N1MM Logger" during the CQ WPX SSB 2001 Contest, click here. N1MM Logger also supports ADIF which is in my opinion  isvery important. I would steer clear of any logbook that doesn't fully support ADIF.

These are my favorite logbook programs but there are many others, I've tried most of them!! A quick search on the internet will give you hours of fun trying out different programs.......believe me, I've done that and choose the 2 above!