G4UJS Station During CQ WPX SSB March 2001

Here are a few shots taken in the station by Mike G3VAO during the contest. The operators where Mike G3VAO, Martin G4XUM, Dave G0KTH and of course yours truely Bob G4UJS.

Conditions were fairly poor thanks to a major aurora on the Wednesday prior to the contest but nevertheless we managed 3179 Contacts, 912 Multipliers and a total claimed score of 7,223,952 points.

We were in the Multi-Single Section and were testing a few things for the CQ World-Wide Contest that we took part in during October 2001.

Me operating with Martin G4XUM taking a break

Now if Budwiser would like to offer us some sponsorship!!!

Martin G4XUM on the Mic

Martin G4XUM

The KT34-XA for 10, 15 and 20m, the LF antennas where on a higher tower to the right (out of shot)