The Latest Amplifier in the G4UJS Station (2008)

It's like having a 1Kw Rig!

Yaesu VL-1000 QUADRA 1kW HF + 6m Linear Amplifier

* Frequency range: 1.8MHz - 54MHz
* 1000W RF output (max drive 100W)

* Output devices: 8 x MRF150 Power MOSFET
* 2 Antenna inputs (for 2 different radios) * 4 Antenna outputs
* SWR LCD Display Graph * Omni-Glow Display with SWR LCD graph
* Built-in high speed Antenna Tuner * Automatic band switching
* Separate power supply VP-1000
* Size: (each) 410 x 135 x 410mm
* Weight: VL-1000 15kg, VP-1000 12kg. The Quadra System from Yaesu consists of the VL-1000 linear amplifier and the VP-1000 switch-mode power supply.

The VL-1000 HF/50Mhz linear amplifier utilises 8 rugged MRF-150 MOS FETs delivering 1kW.

A large dot-matrix LCD provides a wealth of information regarding amplifier status including peak envelope power output, average power output, voltage, current and a panoramic SWR monitor.